Major Problems with Skype New Version

15 Jul

Skype is a best way to connect people online in this busiest and fast forwarding world. You can do voice calling and video calling on Skype with people. Mostly people use it for business purposes at their office, home. It is a unique application of modern Indian, for modern India, by Modern India. Today, so many people are giving their interviews by sitting on their homes with the help of this amazing application.

People are using it happily and in a good range. But as we all know that everything is comes to this world for a special purpose and sometimes we have to face many problems in performing our purposes. And the same story is happening with Skype also. People work on it for their official and personal use but sometimes people also have to some problems in it. So here we are mentioning some of the little issue of skype, which you people, have to suffer.

Last some months back, we have seen an amazing update in Skype. As we all know, this is very general thing that applications are updating on a little gap of time, it would be helpful for us in connecting with the latest and advanced technology. But when there is an update happen with skype, we seen so many people are complaining about it. It means people are suffering from issue with this new update of skype version. And here we have mentioned some of the issue which people are explaining on forum about skype.

  • Sometimes people count not able to add a number in their contact list.
  • Sometimes they could not able to delete some old call details.
  • Dial pad is auto comes in auto-pop.
  • Numbers are deleting automatic.

So these are some of the problems which people have to face with their new update of Skype application. If there is something unclear to you, so you can easily contact us on Skype Customer Care Number 1-844-285-3100 and our team of expert will surely helps you in your issue.

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